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Starbase Indy
Starbase Indy

Starbase Indy celebrates Star Trek's vision of the future by promoting Humanitarianism and STEM education today. We bring in actors, writers, and other creators involved in Star Trek and science fiction and scientists involved in understanding and explaining the universe as it exists. 

Content Provider
Consent Expert

I speak and write on consent, relationships, and cultural trends related to tese things. Hear me on this long-form radio interview to get a sense of how I am as an expert, check out these videos, or read my blog to learn more about the content I produce.

Coaching / Cuddling
Holding Space Professional Cuddling

Touch heals. I opened Holding Space LLC to create a place where people can go to find a source of platonic touch with clear boundaries and therapeutic effect. 

To see more or discuss possible work let's talk >>
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